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Welcome to the MSP blog! I'm Megan Sheppard and I'm a wedding photographer based in Boone, NC. I'm so glad you're here! I suggest grabbing something bubbly and a little munchie, and enjoy viewing my latest adventures.

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These two ladies are TROOPERS. We met at 6 am in an empty parking lot at the top of Beech Mountain (5,506 in elevation). You can IMAGINE how insanely cold it was plus the wind chill. They braved a sunrise session which turned out to be absolutely magical and one of my favorite sessions to date! I can’t wait to be apart of their wedding this July at Overlook Barn!


Tell me any funny story involving the two of you.
Megan: “On our honeymoon in Colorado, we spent the whole day driving through the Rocky Mountain National Park and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! We saw tons of wildlife, chipmunks literally everywhere and a herd of Elk (the Bull had HUGE antlers and makes a pretty interesting sound, side note). That night, we went to pick up some food down the street from our cabin and encountered two huge raccoons. I wouldn’t say I’m usually afraid of raccoons, but they weren’t very timid and got pretty close to us. They also looked pretty mangy, not like the raccoons we usually see around these parts! So they followed us, with food in hand, for a little while and we were both a little on edge. As we were walking by a mailbox, just a few yards from our cabin, we heard a rattling coming from the grass and we both immediately took off running! NOOOO way are we going to encounter raccoons and a rattlesnake. Nope, nope, nope. It wasn’t until we crossed the street and stopped that we heard the rattling change to a ‘tch-tch-tch-tch’ and realized it was a sprinkler. We ran for our lives over a sprinkler. This was also witnessed by about 10-15 people at a neighboring house – super embarrassing!”


Megan & Jarrod