Megan & Jarrod

A Whimsical Fall Wedding at Overlook Barn | Banner Elk, NC

How did you two meet?

Megan: “At work! It was my first job out of college and we met on my first day when I, embarrassingly, made quite the racket when the 5+ foot lid of a dry-ice chest fell onto the concrete floor. Jarrod was the first person to walk in and very chivalrously, picked up the lid himself and muttered some kind of sarcastic and cute, ‘having a good first day, huh?'” 

What was it like early in your relationship?

Megan: “It was like a whirlwind – we couldn’t spend more than a day or two apart. I wanted to do everything with him, even trips to the grocery store were more fun when I was with him. It was also incredibly easy like I had known him my whole life and never had to explain my quirks and BIG personality to him.”

Jarrod: “It was like a breath of fresh air. I had never been with someone that I couldn’t be apart from.”

Name one thing you love about each other.

Megan: “I love how Jarrod is a very genuine and thoughtful person. He’s always supportive of me and helps me keep things in perspective. He’s taught me how to stop worrying and let loose!”

Jarrod: “I love how I can always rely on Megan – regardless of what the issue is, I know she always has my back and will be there in my times of need.”

Proposal Story?

Jarrod: “I proposed in the butterfly garden, one of Megan’s favorite spots at the Museum of Life and Science. I took her there on our second date on a very hot June afternoon and we spent almost an hour inside the butterfly garden to escape the heat. I knew then, on our second date, that I wanted to marry her and that I would bring her back to that exact spot to do it.”

What’s next for the two of you?

Jarrod: “Buying our first house.”

Megan: “PUPPY!!!!! Oh, but first buying our first house.” 

Tell me any funny story involving the two of you.

Megan: “On our honeymoon in Colorado, we spent the whole day driving through the Rocky Mountain National Park and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! We saw tons of wildlife, chipmunks literally everywhere and a herd of Elk (the Bull had HUGE antlers and makes a pretty interesting sound, side note). That night, we went to pick up some food down the street from our cabin and encountered two huge raccoons. I wouldn’t say I’m usually afraid of raccoons, but they weren’t very timid and got pretty close to us. They also looked pretty mangy, not like the raccoons we usually see around these parts! So they followed us, with food in hand, for a little while and we were both a little on edge. As we were walking by a mailbox, just a few yards from our cabin, we heard a rattling coming from the grass and we both immediately took off running! NOOOO way are we going to encounter raccoons and a rattlesnake. Nope, nope, nope. It wasn’t until we crossed the street and stopped that we heard the rattling change to a ‘tch-tch-tch-tch’ and realized it was a sprinkler. We ran for our lives over a sprinkler. This was also witnessed by about 10-15 people at a neighboring house – super embarrassing!”

Thanks to all the vendors who made this day possible!

Venue: Overlook Barn // Photography: Megan Sheppard Photography // Floral: Golden Thistle Design // Dresses: NY Bride & Groom of Garner // Makeup & Hair: Powder Me Pretty // Invitations: Sabrina Massa // DJ: US Party Patrol // Cake: Ugga Mugga Bakery // Catering: Giannos // Officiant: Mitch Marlowe // Rentals: Boone Rent-All // Coordinator: Kelly Shoemaker



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