Nicole & Cory | Engaged

A Sunrise Engagement Session at Overlook Barn | Banner Elk, NC

These two ladies are TROOPERS. We met at 6 am in an empty parking lot at the top of Beech Mountain (5,506 in elevation). You can IMAGINE how insanely cold it was plus the wind chill. They braved a sunrise session which turned out to be absolutely magical and one of my favorite sessions to date! I can’t wait to be apart of their wedding this July at Overlook Barn! 

How did you two meet?

Nicole: “We met online but our first time meeting in person was at a small coffee shop in Huntersville called Studio Coffee.”

What was it like early in your relationship?

Nicole: “Honestly, Cory played hard to get. But the more time we spent together, the more we both realized how much we had in common but also how we would challenge each other to step out of our comfort zones. We call it ‘the new normal.'”

“She pours her true soul into affection and love for me. And that is a true feeling.”

Name one thing you love about each other.

Cory: “I love that Nicki knows how to pull me back in when I get upset over things and is able to ground me and give me a different perspective.”

Nicole: “Unconditional. This word has never been so defined by a persons outward showing, that the way Cory unconditionally loves me. She pours her true soul into affection and love for me. And that is a true feeling.“

“Together it would be that not a single day goes by that we don’t laugh. And I mean tears in our eyes, gut-wrenching laughter.”

Proposal Story?

Cory: “Nicole proposed on October 26th, in the pouring rain, under an arch covered in Italian lights and sunflowers.”

What’s next for the two of you?

Nicole: “We are leaving very soon for a 7-day cruise in the Caribbean. This will be our first long vacation together. We will update you when we get back whether we are still engaged. Haha just kidding.”

Give me a funny story … 

Nicole: “Last December we took a planned, 2-day trip, to Beech Mountain. When we left, the weather forecast called for a ‘light dusting.’ Friday morning, we woke up to a foot of snow and the weatherman calling for another foot. We were stuck and snowed in for 4 days. Long story short, our truck has no 4-wheel drive, we ran out of gas trying to get out, and when we made the best of a bad situation and decided to go tubing, it was closed. We have some great memories from that weekend and actually love the area so much we are coming back to Beech Mountain to be married at the Overlook Barn! It’s amazing how some things come full circle.”



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