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I'm newly married to my life partner, Garrett, and lover of our three kittens (full grown 8 year old cats). We live in the beautiful Blue Ridge of Boone, NC. 

I'm a real redhead, musician, yogi,  board game enthusiast, sweets addict, newish cake baker and a lover of interior design.

I'm inspired by all things fresh, clean and colorful. I'm drawn to rich colors and white space which inspires my photographic style. 

I always tell my clients that going through their images after my time with them is like unwrapping birthday presents over and over!

Photography is generational for me: from my great-grandfather to my father, then on to myself. My style is fresh, colorful, clean and classic. As much as I like neutrals, I'm still a vibrant and colorful girl at heart!

I am not trendy. I never want my images to be hip. I want to remain true to classic and traditional style. When you sit down to show your grandchildren your wedding portraits, I want your photographs to look timeless and not dated with heavy filters or edits. Natural light is always best. 

I strive to show you off in the most beautiful way possible while still staying true to scene. 

"Megan is an absolute marvel. Her work is exquisite and she is such a joy to work with! She goes above and beyond the duties of a photographer and acted as my coach, coordinator, and friend at times when we needed her. She isn't afraid to do anything to get those beautiful shots and I am so grateful! From the very beginning, she was assuring and thorough, and her organization makes her a dream to work with! I feel so lucky that I found her and I honestly don't believe we could have had a more gifted and patient photographer for our special day! Also, she's just an awesome person in general and I'm so glad to have met her."

Her work is exquisite ..."

"Megan is an absolute marvel.

Megan & Jarrod
An overlook barn wedding

"Megan is one of the most talented photographers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She not only climbed the side of the mountain to get my dream bridal shots, but she was also so wonderful at making me feel comfortable in front of the camera (which has never been a comfortable place for me). From the first time I met Megan I knew she wasn’t just going to be my photographer, but she would be a lifelong friend. Megan works so incredibly hard the day of to make sure she gets all of the magnificent shots that will last a lifetime. Jake and I cannot thank her enough for all of her hard work and ability to make us enjoy having our photos taken."

but she would be a
lifelong friend."

"She wasn't just going to
be my photographer,


"Photography is the most important part of a wedding day.You will not remember every detail of your special day because there is so much going on but if you find the right photographer, you will get to look back at the pictures and remember all the details! Megan is so sweet and when you meet her, you just feel like you’ve known her forever. She made sure to capture ever detail and picture we requested and then some! Everyone commented on how good our photographer was! She makes sure you get a sneak peek within 48 hours and it didn’t take long at all to get all of our photos back! Our wedding pictures turned out so perfect!! I highly recommend Megan Sheppard Photography! You won’t be disappointed!"

you just feel like you've known her forever."

"When you meet her,

kayla & alex
A sky retreat wedding

"Megan was absolutely wonderful on our wedding day! She has this way of making you feel amazing and capturing the sweetest glimpses of your love in the most special way! She helped me stay calm during that last crazy month before the wedding and even helped me with the timeline and getting things organized. Megan helps everyone to feel relaxed and have a good time even during portraits. Her photos are perfect and timeless. I will always treasure them! She was ahead of her estimated delivery date for us every time. Book her for your photos if you love detail, gorgeous lighting, and want to feel amazing. You won’t be disappointed!"

I will always
treasure them!"

"Her photos are perfect
& timeless ...


- Megan

I vow to serve each and every person regardless of age, sexual orientation, nationality, gender identity, skin color, or religion ... in business and life.

My Promise