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Welcome to the MSP blog! I'm Megan Sheppard and I'm a wedding photographer based in Boone, NC. I'm so glad you're here! I suggest grabbing something bubbly and a little munchie, and enjoy viewing my latest adventures.

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Rebekah and Tyler’s engagement session was the beginning of my relationship with these two and by the end I couldn’t wait for the wedding! I enjoyed spending time with and photographing these two so much!


Jacob: “The things I love most about Caroline are her work ethic, drive, determination, selflessness, faith, and personality. I admire her drive and determination when it comes to her passion of the medical field and her constant concern and care for others; at work and everywhere else in between. I appreciate and admire her faith, honestly, and positive attitude about life in general as well. Most of all though, her acceptance of who I am and constant encouragement and support for all of my endeavors is what makes us special. She ‘gets me,’ from personality to lifestyle to hobbies, and I’ll never take that for granted.”


Caroline & Jacob


Blair: “We would say that the part of the day we’d like to live over and over again is our first dance. Even though we were surrounded by all of our family and friends, for the first half of the song, all we remember is the two of us and us being in our own little world, simply looking at each other and talking. As the song went on, we started to look around at all of those people that love us and were there to support us and the official start of our future together.”


Tripp: “I love that Blair is so honest, even though sometimes too honest, but it keeps me in line!”
Blair: “I love that Tripp always makes me feel beautiful and lets me know as soon as he sees me… whether I’m in paint stained clothes or dressed to the nines. He may not be the most romantic but he lets me know how much he cares through his words and actions. I also love that he gives me foot rubs when no one else will!”


Blair & Tripp | Engaged