Olivia | Senior

A Downtown West Jefferson Senior Session | West Jefferson, NC

 What has been your best memory of high school?

Olivia: “My fondest memory of high school would have to be winning the conference championship with my cross country team my junior year!”

What emotions and feelings do you experience knowing this is your last year?

Olivia: “Knowing that I am in my last year of high school has brought me much excitement and wonder in considering the next steps in my life! This year, my appreciation of my high school experience has grown as I savor all of the ‘last times’ while looking forward to all of the ‘first times’ to come. Very bittersweet!”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Olivia: “I would love to see myself traveling frequently and finding happiness and success in a fulfilling career!”

What comes next after graduation?

Olivia: “I plan to further my education at a four-year university! Preferably UNC Wilmington or NC State.”

If you could go back and tell your freshman self ANYTHING what would it be?

Olivia: “I would tell my freshman-year self to embrace my unique qualities and be myself!”

Funniest memory of school?

Olivia: “Going all out to dress up as significant figures in Colonial America with friends for a history class!”



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A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.

- Annie Leibovitz

american portrait photographer



I'm newly married to my life partner, Garrett, and mother to our three kittens (full grown 8 year old cats). We live in the beautiful Blue Ridge of Boone, NC. 

I'm a real redhead, musician, yogi, new board game enthusiast, sweets addict and a lover of interior design.

I'm inspired by all things fresh, clean and colorful. I'm drawn to rich colors and white space which inspires my photographic style. 

I always tell my clients that going through their images after my time with them is like unwrapping birthday presents over and over!