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Welcome to the MSP blog! I'm Megan Sheppard and I'm a wedding photographer based in Boone, NC. I'm so glad you're here! I suggest grabbing something bubbly and a little munchie, and enjoy viewing my latest adventures.

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“On July 28, 2017, Andy drove to South Mountain and hid quotes for me to find from all of my favorite books, movies, and TV shows along with a hiking trail. Things didn’t go as planned that night, and Andy wound up hiding the quotes in the dark during a storm. The next day, we drove over to the mountain to enjoy a hike that would change our lives forever. Andy hired a photographer to capture the perfect moment. When I opened the last quote under the waterfall, Andy asked me to be his wife and I said “yesh”!!!


“My favorite thing about Christina has always been how happy and cheerful and smiley she is. It just makes her fun to be around. She is very optimistic and encouraging, which complements my ball-of-stress natural state very well. Add that with being 5 feet tall and smokin’ and you just get adorable.”


Christina & Ben


Tell me any funny story involving the two of you.
Sara: “When Josh blindfolded the night of our engagement I didn’t mention he left me standing in his cold, dark basement alone for a whole five minutes! I later found out he was getting the ring and giving himself a pep talk. Oh, and that Broadway musical he took me to see? It was the most depressing musical I’d ever seen about a family falling apart after their son’s suicide. At the time Josh knew nothing about musicals, so he did his homework and saw this one in particular had won a Tony Award that year and the lead actress from the original show on Broadway would be in the show in Charlotte. The one thing he forgot to check? The plot-line. Minor detail!!!!”