Sarah & Tyler | Engaged

A Golden Fall Engagement Session at Moses Cone Manor | Blowing Rock, NC

How did you two meet?

Sarah: “Tyler and I have known each other since 8th grade. We were always great friends but it wasn’t until our senior year that we realized we were getting closer and becoming more than just friends. Tyler has always had a massive crush on me per all of our friends, but I would brush it off and say it wasn’t like that. In the fall semester of our senior year, Tyler was transferred into my human anatomy class. Luckily, the seats were assigned by alphabetical order and we got to sit next to each other. He would cheat off me and I would share my snacks so I guess that was enough to win over his heart. We’ve been together ever since!”

What was it like early in your relationship?

Sarah: “The early months of our relationship were a blast. They were filled with Friday night football games, movies on the couch, and trips to wherever just to spend time together. We started off friends and have always stayed that way. These months were also filled with tough decisions. Since we were both teenagers with our lives ahead, it was tough to navigate a new relationship that didn’t have a definite plan. He was headed to Raleigh and I eventually decided to head to the mountains of Boone. Though both in North Carolina it was still 190 miles apart. Was this new relationship worth the heartache and miles that were ahead? Now we can confidently say it was worth every second, but we would be lying if we said it wasn’t tough at first.”

How long have you been together?

Sarah: “We have been together since October 31, 2010. Tyler and I went to a Halloween party in a matching couples costume though at that point we were still just ‘talking.’ However, that night he asked me to be his girlfriend and it’s all history from there!”

 Name one thing you love about each other.

Tyler: “I love a lot of things about Sarah but I love her bravery and willpower to take on any challenge that comes her way. Sarah has faced a lot of obstacles in her life and I admire how she has handled them.”

Sarah: “I love Tyler’s outlook on life. He is always levelheaded and stays positive regardless of the situation. Since I am one to sometimes overreact I know that he will always be my rock and someone to depend on.” 

How did he propose?

Sarah: “Tyler proposed on the beach in front of both of our moms, which was very special. I basically planned my proposal but didn’t know it. It was Memorial Day weekend and I had a few days off from work, so the beach bum I am wanted to take off to the beach. I also had the idea to bring our moms because we had talked about doing this trip for a while. Little did I know that Tyler had planned a weekend in Roanoke with both of our families in the hopes to propose that Saturday night. He, of course, couldn’t tell me that, so off to the beach we went! I knew he was going to propose sooner than later, but really didn’t think it would happen that weekend. Before we went to dinner that night they lured me into the beach and I turned away for a second then turned back around to Tyler on his knee. It was super sweet and everyone on the beach cheered when I said yes!”

What’s next for the two of you?

Sarah: “The next big plan is, of course, the wedding! May 25th can’t come soon enough! We are still trying to decide where we want to start our next chapter. Whether that means staying in Roanoke a little while longer or moving onto bigger and better things is still in the air. We certainly want to wait a few years before starting a family, but we look forward to all that life has ahead of us!”

Tell me any funny story involving the two of you.

Tyler: “A funny story about the two of us is how I hid Sarah’s ring. Sarah is sneaky, hates surprises, and has to be in the loop about everything. This is a girl who used to search her house high and low as a child to find her Christmas presents. Since I couldn’t take my chances on her doing to same to find this ring, I knew I needed to hide it really well. Once the ring was ready to be picked up I hid it in my office but feared this was too easy of a hiding spot. Sarah hates our basement because it’s dark and has too many critters lurking. We have an old couch down there and I knew it was a perfect hiding spot. She would never stick her hand in there so that’s where it stayed for the few weeks before I proposed.”



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