Jessica & Chris

A Colorful & Romantic Fall Wedding at White Fence Farm | Trade, TN

How did you choose your wedding day look (dress/shoes/hair)? 

Jess: “I went dress shopping with my mom, my mother-in-law, and a bridesmaid. We had a great experience at a shop in Florida and I found a dress that I really liked but was a bit more traditional than I had originally imagined. To complement the dress and my style I found a unique veil and headpiece to make the look mine. Chris: “I had a blue suit. Check. The idea for the ties came from a well-targeted Instagram ad from the designer. Well played Dazi. Well played.”

(Side note from Megan – I’m now getting Instagram ads from this same company

Tell us about your wedding! What was the inspiration behind your day?

Jessica: “We picked the absolute perfect spot for our ceremony and reception. Fall in the High Country is always perfect and it is hard to find better inspiration than that. We kept the service secular with my dad as the officiant. It was wonderful to have him walk me down the aisle and then step behind the alter.”

“… I was so confident in the promises that I made to him for our life together.”

Most memorable moment of your day?

Jessica: “My most memorable moment of the day was hearing Chris read his heartfelt vows and getting to read him mine. This was probably the part of the day that I was least nervous about because I was so confident in the promises that I made to him for our life together.”

Most embarrassing moment of the day?

Chris: “We had a bit of a miscommunication with regards to the ceremony music. Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge over troubled water was supposed to begin playing as the wedding party approached the altar so that the song reached its climax for the bride. Instead, our designated play-button pusher failed to start the music until Jess reached the aisle. So the wedding party, walked in silence, Jess walked to the introduction of the song, and we stood at the alter awkwardly waiting for the person with the play button to get the message.”

Do you have any wedding planning or marriage advice that you’d like to share with other couples planning their day?

Jessica: “If you are doing decor/set up on your own, odds are you are going to have a lot of family and friends that a willing and eager to assist. Come prepared with a number of tasks that you feel comfortable delegating to others. That way everyone feels helpful, the day feels organized, and the bride and groom can limit the amount of input that they receive for the bigger things.

“Just a great song, under string lights, surrounded by friends and family. 10 out of 10 would re-live.”

One moment you’d like to live over and over?

Chris: “Jess and I’s first dance was far more impactful than I expected. It was nothing fancy, nothing choreographed. Just a great song, under string lights, surrounded by friends and family. 10 out of 10 would re-live.”

Funniest moment of the day?

Jessica: “Chris’ mom makes the absolute best desserts so we enlisted her to make the wedding cakes. They were absolutely fantastic – leagues better than anything we could have purchased but since we did not have a caterer, we also failed to designate a cake cutter. The best man cut and handed out two slices before the knife was removed from his hand and 60 guests bum-rushed the dessert table to get the mocha cheesecake before it disappeared.”

Thanks to the vendors who made this special day possible!

Venue: White Fence Farm // Photography: Megan Sheppard Photography // Dress: The Wedding Cycle // Floral: A&M Growers // Veil: Noon on the Moon // Hair Accessory: Bella Via Designs // Cakes: Cindy Taylor (groom’s mother) // Officiant: Shelly Yomano (bride’s father) // Rentals: Boone Rent-All // Beer Tap Trailer: Happy Trailers Refrigerated Rentals



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