Melodie & Dimitri | Engaged

A Spring Engagement Session at the Greensboro Arboretum | Greensboro, NC

How did you two meet?

Melodie: “Well, we actually starting talking over Face-time before we met in person for our first date! My brother had went to school with his cousin, whom I had met a couple years prior through a church service, and his cousin and I had became friends on Instagram. Fast forward years later I saw a picture of Dimitri on his Instagram page and commented a heart under the picture. The next day I messaged him, “I want your cousin … make it happen.” He approved for him to give me his number and boom, here we are 5 years later.”

What was it like early in your relationship?

Melodie: “I would say early on we were the definition of two crazy kids in love. We started out long-distance because I was still in college at ODU and he lived back home, so Face-time, Skype, and anything we could communicate on through electronics was a must. We use to get on Netflix at the same time on our computers and mute one computer while the other left the sound up so we could go on ‘movie dates.’ Most of the time he fell asleep, lol and I got upset. He would wake up every time though right when it was ending and pretend like he knew what was going on asking me did I enjoy the movie like he did! That would make me laugh and I would be mad anymore.”

“He’s the love of my life. Nothing makes sense without him in my life.”

Proposal Story?

Melodie: “Dimitri proposed to me in the Bahamas on our family trip last year in July. He knows I love to take pictures so while I was in the ocean he told me to come out and take a picture with him before he got his shirt wet and I agreed and started posing but he just kept talking and started to get on one knee and I was kind of mad at first because I was like, ‘so we just not going to take this picture? I look cute!’ Lol! He got on one knee and opened the box and said will you marry me and I said yes of course. He’s the love of my life. Nothing makes sense without him in my life.”

“I love all of him and his being, not just one thing.”

Name one thing you love about each other. 

Dimitri: “It’s hard for me to pin point just one thing I love about Melodie but I would have to say her caring spirit is what I treasure the most. She truly goes above and beyond for the ones she cares for. Through these 5 years we’ve been together, I’ve learned how to truly love by her actions of love and compassion.”

Melodie: “Dimitri is so kind. He’s loving, caring, and gentle. He truly takes care of me mentally, physically, and emotionally. I truly believe we are soulmates. He has been there for me when I couldn’t be there for myself. It takes a strong man to love a woman like me and he does it effortlessly. I love all of him and his being, not just one thing.”

“We are not like regular couples. We forget about asking are you okay and laugh first.”

Any funny stories?

Melodie: “Our lives are joyful together; there are endless laughs and smiles when we are together. We not sure we could pinpoint one particularly funny story but just know any time one of us falls or trips, usually the other gets mad cause the other one is laughing so hard. We are not like regular couples. We forget about asking are you okay and laugh first.”

Makeup: KGuy Beauty // Hair: Shonda Reynolds



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