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Welcome to the MSP blog! I'm Megan Sheppard and I'm a wedding photographer based in Boone, NC. I'm so glad you're here! I suggest grabbing something bubbly and a little munchie, and enjoy viewing my latest adventures.

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Hayden: “So much to say about Sarah. It’s impossible to say that there is just one thing I love about this girl. She is motivated, driven in her passions, loving and kind. But one of the things that I can say I love the most about my girl is her heart. Sarah has taught me how to love those who don’t deserve to be loved, how to care for those you may not care for and to show kindness to all strangers. She has helped me strive to be someone who I picture to be the perfect dad or the perfect role model amongst friends and peers. She’s been able to do that because she is that, the exact counterpart to where/who I want to be. So my favorite thing about Sarah is how she loves.”


Back in April, Lauren drove up from Wilkesboro, NC to meet me in an empty parking lot in Blowing Rock, NC at 5:30 in the morning. Sounds like the start to scary movie but it’s not! We hiked up the side of Beacon Heights together in the pitch black to open up to this wondrous view that I have loved to share with so many of my clients. It’s so fascinating to watch how these images change from a soft blue to a dramatic, bright gold as the sun rose. I always tell my clients that when I love a shot, they’re going to hear me start making noises and squealing. I was squealing non-stop for this session. I told Lauren she was the epitome of a redheaded beauty and I still stand by that. Take a look for yourself.


Lauren | Bridal


How did you two meet?
Melodie: “Well, we actually starting talking over Face-time before we met in person for our first date! My brother had went to school with his cousin, whom I had met a couple years prior through a church service, and his cousin and I had became friends on Instagram. Fast forward years later I saw a picture of Dimitri on his Instagram page and commented a heart under the picture. The next day I messaged him, “I want your cousin … make it happen.” He approved for him to give me his number¬†and boom, here we are 5 years later.”


Adam: “Pretty sure Kris didn’t notice me as early as I noticed her. And she was certainly too cute for me to form any intentions on, so it forced us to just be friends. In its own way it was a blessing. I guess the first thing we really did together was short-term babysitting. Not that we were co-entrusted with children, but Brian and Alex trusted Kris enough to watch after their two kids and also make sure I didn’t get into any trouble while they weren’t looking. Certainly only one of us had diaper bag authorization (and that was just fine with me). From the moment we had an inkling of interest, the tone changed rapidly. I was utterly enthralled. Kris had already decided to move to Montana and make a fresh start, so our conversations were wide-ranging and intense. She seemed like an adventurer (she isn’t) and I seemed self-assured and interesting (I’m not). But both of us had an idea of a new ‘me’¬†and were on a path. I don’t think either of us had an idea those paths were going to line up so quickly. Laughs, tears, puzzled looks, embarrassing revelations…our time talking and visiting spanned the gamut of relationship interactions super quickly.”


Kris & Adam